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Band Bio

Gudrun Walther (fiddle, vocals, diatonic accordion) and Jürgen Treyz (guitar, vocals) are two of Germany's most successful folk musicians. They tour Europe and the USA with multiple bands and projects. They have released several albums with Celtic music, German traditional music and their own compositions and have won two Irish Music Awards with multi-national Celtic band, CARA.

The duo project is a journey to the core of their musicianship, digging deep for the roots of their own traditional music and that of their adopted Irish/Celtic genre. It is a very liberating experience to be able to interact spontaneously and they make the most of it - captivating, moving and each time a little bit different. Gudrun Walther and Jürgen Treyz are two thoroughbred musicians who present an eclectic choice of German trad, Celtic music and Americana (the latter mostly songs they picked up on their tours throughout the USA) - seamlessly interwoven and highlighting the common ground of the styles.

On their debut CD "Königskinder" (released as "Deitsch") there are mostly traditional German songs and a few select instrumentals. The critics in Germany and abroad loved the album and the audiences raved about the new-found ease with which they played these old melodies that some people had already declared dead. Their second album "Heimat" (also released with "Deitsch") won the German Record Critics’ Award and propelled them to the top of German folk bands. The two highly acclaimed shows at Germany’s biggest folk and roots festival, tff Rudolstadt, were recorded by multiple radio stations and broadcasted on TV.

"Gudrun Walther could hold her own in any Irish musical setting"
Dirty Linen Magazine

"Juergen Treyz's guitaring is superb"
Maverick Magazine

"The standard of the musicianship is impeccable"
Living Tradition

"Die Bürde deutschen Liedguts und deutscher Tanzweisen, ob traditionell oder im traditionellen Sinne neu komponiert, folkig, aber flott, scheint fast ganz allein auf den Schultern von Gudrun Walther und Jürgen Treyz zu liegen. Da kommt erst einmal Deitsch, dann Deitsch, dann lange Zeit nichts, dann wieder Deitsch."

"Eine eigene künstlerische Handschrift gepaart mit modernen Interpretationen, gefühlvoller handwerklicher Präzision und guten Ideen lässt eben Altbekanntes völlig neu erscheinen. Was will man mehr?"
Erich Schmeckenbecher

"...Außergewöhnlich innig und abwechslungsreich"
Neue Westfälische

"Es macht einfach Spaß, Musikern zuzuhören, die jedes Lied leben"

"abendfüllende Glückseligkeit"
Audiophile Tonkunst

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